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© Redjuice
© Redjuice


Truly Great Juice

REDJUICE is made consisting of multiple extracts from vegetables, herbs, and fruits, making it an enjoyable drink.

REDJUICE is a product of over six years of research and development. It is packed with 30 natural ingredients – a First in Philippine history. Though it is not a drug or medicine, REDJUICE was successfully tested on hundreds of patients prior to its launching.

REDJUICE was formally launched on April 28, 2007. Over the years, we have tested REDJUICE’s acceptability and marketability. It is now known worldwide.

In the Philippines, it is one of the most widely covered health product in the history: from news, TV and radio features, to talk shows and forums.

Why Redjuice?


REDJUICE is natural stimulating beverage. It helps in the cleansing and toning the intestinal system.


REDJUICE helps dissolve hardened and old compacted fecal matter into softer consistency for easier and faster elimination.


REDJUICE helps gently cleanse your colon without embarrassing side effect of laxatives. Regular laxatives can be as rough on your body as the unpleasant conditions they’re meant to alleviate. They can often leave you feeling drained, or as if your insides have been tied in knots.


REDJUICE takes a totally different all-natural approach to colon cleansing. Unlike harsh laxatives, it won’t leave you a prisoner to your bathroom! That’s because on the average, this revolutionary formula gradually releases its cleansing and refreshing powers over a 10 – 14 hour period, and that means that there’s never any urgent rush.

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Cleansing Is A Serious Matter 


  • ​Before bedtime, drink 400 ML or 2 glasses of REDJUICE daily for 10 consecutive days. Do not split.

  • Drink 10-12 glasses of water daily

  • Repeat program every 2-3 months or as needed.



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